kalli anderson

writer + audio producer + filmmaker

Starting Over - Today's Parent: A series of interviews with Syrian mothers who were pregnant when they came to Canada as refugees.

9 Women Share Mortifying Moments from the Gynecologist's Office - Chatelaine: An online post that has been a big hit on social media. Here's a similar one about women without children. 

A Simple Way to Lower the C-section Rate - Today's Parent : A same-day turnaround health news blog post about a study that shows allowing women to labour an hour longer can cut the unplanned c-section rate in half

On Living Car-free in the City - The Scribble: A first-person urban lifestyle blog post. Part of a series commissioned by a U.S. parenting blog. 

Quebec Politics Column - The Globe and Mail: For two years, I wrote a weekly column for the Globe's Politics site on political coverage in the francophone Quebec press. Here are some favourites: 

Creating a Crisis

'Federalist extremist' heads for Rideau Hall

Mo' ministers, mo' problems for Charest Liberals

A shoe-tossing MNA's moment of glory