kalli anderson

writer + audio producer + filmmaker

Cannabis Kids - Today's Parent : A feature article about parents of children with severe epilepsy who are turning to medical marijuana against their doctors' advice in a desperate attempt to find relief for their kids. Nominated for a National Magazine Award.

How to Build a Village - Today's Parent : A feature article about how parents create "the village" it takes to raise a child.

The doctor said, 'You don't have a uterus.' - Chatelaine : An as-told-to feature article about a woman living with MRKH syndrome.

One Contraction at a Time - Today's Parent : A comprehensive guide to labour pain management. Nominated for a National Magazine Award. 

Keeping the Beat - The Walrus : A short feature about a musician in Northern Ghana defying a ban on traditional drumming and dancing to keep his cultural traditions alive. 

Shopdrop and Roll - THIS Magazine : A micro-profile of a guerilla art project by Montreal visual artist Natalie Reis.

You can find examples of my writing for online publications HERE.